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DPF Removal and DPF Problems


What is the DPF / Diesel Particle Filter?……

Most diesel passenger cars,vans and commercial vehicles, built after 2006 have a DPF (diesel particulate filter) installed in the exhaust system. Some vehicles like Peugeot, Citreon & Fiat have had them fitted since 2001. This is a filter designed to reduce the soot particles created from engine conbustion entering the atmosphere.


What It Does?……

The diesel particle filter removes polluting chemicals that result from diesel combustion before these particles of polluting matter reach the tailpipe and enter the atmosphere. It works similar to a catalytic converter by trapping and re-heating pollution.

Eventually all DPF filters will clog up at some time. Most manufacturers will swear this will be a long time, but since the technology is so new we will only find out through time how long they last. They are not cheap to replace and this has a lot of diesel aficionados worried.


The Affect of Diesel Particle Filters or DPF on Fuel Mileage?…..

The diesel particle filter itself creates an obstruction in the exhaust system. Combine this with the diesel catalytic converter and you have created several pounds per square inch of blockage on your exhaust pipe.
Since adding the DPF to the exhaust system does result in a loss of fuel mileage, many wonder why the government made this technology a requirement when it is not even used in most parts of the world. Now that diesel sold in the U.K is all ultra low sulphur there is not as much pollutant matter given off by diesel engines.


What We Do To Disable The System & How This Helps You?…..

We can reprogram your vehicles engine management system to forget about the DPF so you wont have any warning lights on the dash, engine going in LIMP mode or any expensive  problems in the future.
With our new custom made patched software installed in the engine management system and the DPF body cleared of any obstructions you will have a better free flowing exhaust system which will deliver more power, better fuel consumption and NO DPF clogging problems ever again!!!
Just contact us for more details in most cases we can add this into your remap at no extra charge.